bacolod smallThe 2nd International Collaborative Conference sponsored by the Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation (PNAAF) and the Central Philippine Adventist College (CPAC) School of Nursing was held on February 6-8, 2013 at L’Fisher Hotel, Bacolod City, Philippines.

The theme was “Promoting Health Care Quality through Leadership and Global Linkages.” The successful conference attracted over four hundred (400) registrants.

The PNAAF delegation was led by President Ernie Rosas, BSN, RN, PNAAF Conference Chair Araceli D. Antonio, MS, RN, Immediate Past President and Advisor, Pete -Reuben Calixto, BSN, CNN, RN, PNAAF Education Chair, and PNAAF Board of Trustee Ted Ray Llasos, Conference Co-Chair, who collaborated diligently with the Philippine team.

bacolodmayor smallThe Philippine Collaborative Conference team chaired by Joebenie L. De Villa, RN, MSN, PhD, Dean, CPAC School of Nursing included Dean Helen Correa of West Negros University, Dean Jocelyn May Flor Cadena of University of St. La Salle, Dean Maria Corazon Famillaran of Riverside College, and Dr. Chris Sorongon of RGO.

The educational conference was initiated by Lily Ann Baldago, Director of PRC, Region VI and Dr. Leda Danao, PNAAF Trustee.

bacolodmaskara smallThe first day started with an early ABS-CBN studio interview of PNAAF President Ernie Rosas regarding the 3 -day International Conference. The event had a grand and awe-inspiring entrance of colors by the UNO-R ROTC followed by a profound Doxology and a special rendition of the Philippine National Anthem by the CPAC Chorale. An inspiring welcome address was delivered by Noel C. Cadete, RN, MAN, National President of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA). PNAAF President Ernie Rosas, Araceli D. Antonio, and Pete Ruben Calixto warmly welcomed the attendees. Governor Alfredo G. Maranon delivered his warmest greetings to everyone and congratulated the organizers for a successful conference. He was proud to inform us of the inauguration of the first Blood Bank Center in Negros. Mayor Evelio R. Leonardia of Bacolod City welcomed all participants and visitors to the “City of Smiles” and wished everyone to emerge enriched and energized from the conference. Dr. Joebenie De Villa capped the welcome addresses with emphasis on the theme as a global call for improvement of health care quality through leadership and professional development in building our capacity to do researches as evidence- based nursing practice.

bacolodmarch smallThe keynote speaker on “Health Issues In Bacolod and Visayas” was Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial, MD, MPH, CESO II, representing Dr. Enrique T. Ona, Secretary of the Department of Health. She focused on “the Universal Health Care: the Philippine Dream.” “Kalusugan Pangkalahatan (KP)” has performance targets that began in 2012 and will achieve their goals by 2016. Projected outcomes are to improve overall health of Filipinos, reduce out of pocket expenses, and improve client satisfaction and responsiveness of the health system.

Rosario Estrada, DNP, RN, BC, CPN presented a “Case Study of the Implementation of Electronic Health Record (EHR) in the Pre-Admission Testing and Same Day Surgery Units in Central New Jersey. She concluded that overall, nurses preferred the EHR to paper record.

bacolodspeakers smallThe next speaker was Evelyn Andamo, BS, OT, MPA, who presented “Adult Day Healthcare Center- Community Based Services.” She discussed the different activities and services offered by the community based centers for adults.

Our PNAAF speaker, Merlita Velasquez, BSN, RN delivered a very interesting and thought provoking topic “What Color Best Suits You? Communicating through your Color and Personality Styles.” She presented a lively discussion of the significance of the colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

Our PNAAF Conference Chair Araceli D. Antonio, MS, RN presented “Continuing Care Retirement Community- A Housing Alternative for Older Adults.” In-depth information on Continuing Care Retirement Community services, levels of care, care providers, costs, and clientele were discussed.

bacolodparticipants smallOur Education Chair Pete Calixto, BSN, CNN, RN lectured on “Leaders Build Winning Teams.” He offered an interactive way of how to build winning leaders by asking the participants the qualities of a good leader. The next speaker was Ted Ray Llasos, MAN, RN on “Creative Leadership in Nursing: Professional Development From Novice to Expert.” He gave examples of the leadership skills required to develop a new professional nurse into an expert.

The last speaker of the first day was Luzviminda T. Llasos, PhD, MSN, RN. She presented a very informative topic highlighting the vegetables, fruits, and trees commonly found in the Philippines. The title was “Pharmacy in Nature: Alternative Treatment in the Promotion of Health.” She discussed the pharmacologic effects of kangkong, kamote, malunggay, saluyot, mango, avocado, ampalaya, Neem tree, papaya, guava, and other Philippine foods. She amazed everyone with the healing effects of Neem to wound and skin problems.

bacolodconfspeakers smallOn the second day, the session was opened with a “Recap of the first day sessions” by Dr. Chris C. Sorongon, RN, MAN. The first speaker was Dr. Eufemia F. Octaviano, RN, MAN, Past Chairman, Board of Nursing, Professional Regulation Commission. She discussed openly and honestly the complex issues affecting the nurses in the Philippines. She stated that more than eighty (80) schools of nursing closed as of 2012 due to decrease in nursing enrollment. Other problems include massive unemployment, low salaries, the oversupply but understaffed health institutions, the non-paid volunteers who pay the facilities instead of getting paid, and other numerous challenges.

The next speaker was Sarla Duller, MN, NP, RN who spoke on “Hypertension Education Program: A Success Story.” She shared a study of a limited sample, of which the outcomes were very encouraging. The evidence showed that the difference in systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings after educational interventions, using the paired t-tests

bacolodpnaaf smallCherina Tinio, MSN, CNS, RN discussed “Behavioral Management of Patient with Alzheimers’ Dementia.” She provided information on the different stages of Dementia, triggers, and management through evidence-based literature. She shared real stories and actual experience in dealing with the progressive disease. She discussed nonpharmacological and pharmacological interventions for the disease.

Pete Calixto presented another interesting topic, “Simultaneous Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation: Answer to Diabetic Nephropathy?” He mentioned the long waiting list for transplantation in the United States.

Joseph Mojares, BSN, RN lectured on “Therapeutic Communication.” He emphasized the importance of the basic principles of communication and the essential conditions for a therapeutic relationship.

Martha Cabarios, BSN, RN discussed the Capacity Building Project that PNA of Michigan participated in and concluded with the outcomes learned. I was the last presenter of the day and my topic was “Management of Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: An Evidence-Based Practice.” bacolodsessionhallgrandview smallThe power point slides were prepared by Remedios Solarte, past President of PNAA. I defined evidence-based practice, discussed its similarities with the nursing process, its advantages, team approach, initial and follow-up care of DM, screening and evaluation, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists guidelines compared with American Diabetic Association guidelines, lowering LDL-C, raising HDL-C, lowering triglycerides, relationship between Hemoglobin A1C and blood sugar, nutrition, pharmacologic management, physical activity, and the Research-Practice Connection.

The closing keynote speaker was Dr. Melvin Ibanez, Member, Province of Negros Occidental, and Chairman, Committee on Health who gave an inspiring and powerful message about the collaborative conference.

bacolodspeakerswithrosas smallAn open forum was held at the end of the day with participants asking questions to speakers: “What advice can PNAAF give to help the unemployed RNs in the Philippines?”; and “How can PNAAF help the students keep up with EHR when they lack the tools to translate technology theory to practice?” Several questions were directed to Dr. Octaviano regarding multiple complex nursing issues.

The closing remarks were delivered by Dr. Ledado A. Ang, MBA, President, CPAC and Araceli D. Antonio. An unforgettable closing prayer song was performed by the CPAC Chorale followed by the Exit of Colors by UNO-R ROTC. The Master of Ceremony, Cyrus L. Alcala, RN, MAN kept the conference lively, interesting, interactive, and entertaining with his skillful, colorful, professional, and unique qualities.

The highlight of the second day was an evening to remember: Community and Nurses Night. CPAC School of Nursing was well represented. We were treated to a Festival of Dances with their exotic, bright, and colorful outfits. Plaques for deserving individuals were awarded by Araceli Antonio and a message of gratitude was delivered by Dr. Joebenie De Villa.

bacolodtourrosu smallThe third day was devoted to Educational Field Trips to: Riverside Medical Center, where we learned that most of the services offered in the United States are also offered in this facility; CPAC and the different courses it offers and the marked decline in nursing enrollment; Mambucal Resort featuring the “Sulfur Spring” believed to have therapeutic effect; and “The Ruins” with an interesting history and its beautifully landscaped gardens.

The comments made by the participants included: “It is a professionally informative collaborative conference.”; “I learned a lot!”; “It was well-worth it.”; “I enjoyed the interactive sessions.”; “You kept us alert and informed with your lively presentation and the gifts of money!”; “Thank you for a wonderful and educational conference.”; “It was overwhelming with many topics but you kept it motivating and highly organized.”; and “We want you to continue with this high quality conference.” There were many more uplifting, encouraging, and remarkable comments and invitations to host future conferences.



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