Administration: Leticia C. Hermosa, JD, PhD, MSN, RN (New England)
Research: Cecilia Alvarez, DNP, MA, BSN, RN (New Jersey)
Education (2): Daisy M. Rodriguez, MN, MPA, RN (Northern California), Maria Rosario D. Gonzales, DPA, MSN, RN, NE-BC (Southern California)

Entrepreneur: Arlita C. Pang, BSN, RN (Metro Houston)
Community Service: Lolita B. Compas, MA, RN, CEN (New York)
Informatics: Mary Joy Garcia-Dia, MA, RN (New York)
Advance Practice Nurse: Cherina Tinio, MSN, RN, CNS (Northern California)



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Leticia HermosaCecilia AlvarezArlita PangLolita Compas

Daisy RodriguezMaria Rosario Gonzales Mary Joy Garcia-DiaCherina Tinio

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