South Central Region Chapters and Subchapters

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  • Central Florida Chapter +

    FOUNDED 2001

    Promote and uphold a positive image of Nursing and Professional Excellence through active participation in educational programs, community health service projects, and networking with other allied health care professionals while maintaining social, cultural and humanitarian endeavors.

    Rosie Antequino, BSN, RN
    President, PNA Central Florida Chapter
    Address: 2401 Christammy Ct, Orlando, Florida 32835

    Lorelie Perez, BSN, RN
    Address: 304 Tavestock Loop Winter Springs, FL 32708


  • El Paso Chapter +

    FOUNDED 1993

    PNAEP will promote activities which will unify Filipino Nurses in El Paso. Establish networking with other professional organizations and agencies in El Paso in implementing programs related to nursing practice, education and research. PNAEP will actively participate in nursing and healthcare activities in the community.

    Marcelita P. Torres, BSN, RN
    President, PNA El Paso
    Address: 7304 Lakehurst Rd, El Paso, TX 79912
    Email Address: (inactive)

    Portia Reeves, BNS, RN

    Address: 6091 Via Serena Drive El Paso, TX 79912
    Contact Email:

    Biennial Report 2010
  • Georgia Chapter +

    FOUNDED 1987


    As the official Nursing professional organization of Filipino-American Association in Georgia, PNA-GA will foster the professional and personal development of its constituent members, and promote harmonious relationship through social, civic, and educational endeavors.

    The goals of the Association shall include but not limited to:
    1. Unify Filipino-American nurses in the State of Georgia.
    2. Keep up with trends relevant to the professional and personal growth of its members.
    3. Maintain visibility through collaboration with other professional organizations and agencies in the community.
    4. Participate in programs to meet the healthcare needs of the community.

    Berna Bray, BSN, RN
    President, PNA Georgia Chapter
    Address: 1198 Grestbrook Drive Mableton, GA 30126
    Telephone Number: 770-944-6605
    Contact Email:

    Website Address:


  • Gulf Coast Chapter +





    1. Encourage involvement and voluntarism in the community through public health service and other local,national and international health programs.
    2. Promote professional career advancement and leadership of Filipino nurses.
    3. Participate in cultural activities and sharing awareness of• Filipinos' unique culture and traditions.
    4. Provide assistance and support to worthy causes determined by the Executive Board.
    5. Promote professionalism among Filipino-American Nurses in Florida.

    Tita Ravi
    President, Gulf Coast Chapter


    Biennial Report: Biennial Report 2010


  • Metro Houston Chapter +

    FOUNDED 1980

    The Philippine Nurses' Association of Metropolitan Houston (PNAMH ) exists for the purpose of providing an effective forum for upholding the professional image and fostering the welfare of the Filipino -American nurses in and around the Houston Metropolitan area through: promotion of activities that enhance a sense of unity, networking with other professional organizations to develop and implement programs relevant to nursing practice, education and research and collaboration with other organizations and agencies to promote the preservation of our cultural heritage

    Pamela Windle, MS, RN, NE-BC, CPAN, CAPA, FAAN
    President, PNA Metro Houston Chapter
    Address: 5421 Valerie St., Bellaire, TX 77401
    E-mail Address:





  •       Metro Houston - Texas Golden Triangle Subchapter +


    Jocelyn Angulo, BSN, RN, CCRN
    President, PNA MH Texas Golden Triangle Subchapter
    Address: 1302 Westmeadow Drive Beaumont, Texas 77706

    Renato Peregrino, BSN, RN, CEN
    President-Elect, PNA MH Texas Golden Triangle Subchapter
    Address: 8035 Village Drive Beaumont, Texas 77713
    Contact Email:

  •       Metro Houston - North Subchapter +


    Cristina Dimafiles
    President, Metro Houston North Subchapter, Texas




  • North East Florida Chapter +



    PNANEF will uphold the positive image and welfare of its members, promote professional excellence, and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society.

    Velia Callao
    President, North East Florida Chapter



  • North Texas Chapter +


    FOUNDED 2005


    PNA-NT shall uphold and support the mission of PNAA by creating positive image and welfare of its members through the promotion of professional excellence and contribution of significant outcomes to healthcare and society.

    • Promote activities that will unify the Filipino-American nurses in the USA and its territories.
    • Network with professional organizations and agencies in the development and implementation of educational programs relevant to nursing practice, education and research.
    • Influence legislations and public policies that directly and indirectly affect healthcare and nursing practices.
    • Facilitate professional and cultural adjustment of Filipino-American nurses in the USA through collaboration with organizations and agencies both in the Philippines and the USA.
    • Organize and actively participate in professional and cultural health programs geared toward disease prevention and health promotion in the community we serve and globally.
    • Develop and implement research programs focusing on healthcare needs of the Filipino Nurses in the USA and the Philippines.


    Monaliza Gaw, MSN, RN, ANP
    President, PNA North Texas
    Address: 9100 Askew Street, Keller, Texas, 76244

    Gledelyn Alejandro, BSN, RN
    Address: 1720 W. 8th Street Irving, TX 705060


  • San Antonio Chapter +


    Mission: Serving the Community!

    • Promote professional nursing standards as defined by the Texas Nurse Practice Act and accrediting agencies in the United States.
    • Provide support for the newcomers Philippine nurses relevant to their orientation to the United States health care system.
    • Encourage participation of it members in professional and educational activities.
    • Support the goal and adjectives of the Philippine Nurses Association of America.
    • The PNASA shall not discriminate against any applicant or member on the basis of race, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or handicap.

    Nelson Tuazon, MAEd, MSN, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, CENP, CPHQ, FACHE
    President, PNA San Antonio Chapter 2014-2016
    Email Address:



  • South East Florida Chapter +

    FOUNDED 2012


    As a professional organization of Filipino-American nurses in Southern Florida, PNASEF will uphold the positive image and foster the welfare of the members; promote professional excellence through relationship based values, evidence-based practice, education and research, and contribute significant quality outcomes to healthcare and to society. PNASEF shall be an active chapter member in the promotion of the vision, mission and objectives of the Philippine Nurses Association of America Inc.

    Felicisima Perlas, BSN, RN, BSCoE
    President, PNA South East Florida Chapter
    Email Address:

    Beth Postrado, BSN, RN
    Email Address:



    PNA-South East Florida (PNASEF)
    2012-2014 Executive Board
    (Inducted:  October 7th, 2012)
    (Formal Induction: March 23, 2013 by Pres. Vicky Navarro)

    President – Felicisima Perlas
    Pres-Elect – Elizabeth Postrado
    Secretary – Caleb Rasay
    Treasurer - Jocelyn Reyes

    Board Members    

    • Maggie Estole
    • Angelica Ligas
    • Maria Teresa Ravelo
    • Maria Cristina Umbac

    Founding President:  Rusty Francisco

    304 Tavestock Loop

    Winter Springs, FL 32708

  • South Texas / Rio Grande Valley Chapter +


    FOUNDED 2004



    The Philippine Nurses Association of South Texas, Rio Grande Valley Chapter (PNA-ST RGV Chapter) will bring to the forefront the Filipino nurses in their role of delivering healthcare in Texas; promote excellence in professional nursing; and support camaraderie among its members through leadership, unity, and commitment.

    PNA-ST RGV Chapter will uphold the efforts of the Philippine Nurses Association of America to foster advancement in nursing practice through education and research. It will encourage among its members fellowship, civic and community involvement, awareness, and respect of cultural diversity, values and belief system of those they serve.

    Christie Candelaria, MSN, RN
    President, PNA South Texas Rio Grande Valley Chapter
    Address: 2106 Katherine Ave Edinburg, TX 78539
    Email Address:

    Alfred Acevedo





    PNA of South Texas – Rio Grande Valley New officers

    President – Christie Candelaria
    Pres-Elect – Alfred Acevedo
    Vice President – Luz Llasos
    Recording Secretary – Marian Divinagracia
    Corresponding Secretary – Chona Dalac
    Treasurer: Evelyn Fule
    Auditor: Eva Gravador
    PRO: Christina Te
    Business Manager: Febe de la Cruz

    Board of Directors

    • Jayson Valerio
    • Adora Usudan
    • Theresa Yongson
    • Priscilla Conje
    • John Rhic Candelaria
    • Precious Divinagracia
    • Shenaley Legas
    • May Racoma

    Advisory Board

    • Aster Vargas
    • Ted Ray Llasos
    • Normita Hayes
  • Tampa Bay Chapter +


    FOUNDED 1989



    PNA-TAMPA is a non-profit, professional, educational, and community-service oriented organization whose purpose is to uphold the positive image and welfare of its constituent members, promote professional excellence, and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society.



    1. Unify Filipino-American Nurses in the Tampa Bay area.
    2. Develop, implement and evaluate programs in nursing leadership, practice, education and research relevant to professional growth of its members and healthcare needs of the community.
    3. Promote a positive image of nursing to the community through health programs and projects, independently or in collaboration with other local, state and national nursing and other allied health organizations
    4. Participate actively in socio-cultural activities of the Filipino-American community.
    5. To encourage, assist, and support worthy causes as determined by the Executive Board.

    Maribel Soriano, BSN, RN
    President, Tampa Bay Chapter
    Contact E-mail:


    Biennial Report 2008-2010

  • Texas-Cameron County Chapter +


    FOUNDED 2006



    To uphold the image and foster the welfare of Filipino and Filipino-American nurses in Cameron County, Texas and in the State of Texas as a professional group in line with the vision, mission and goals of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA).

    Karen Michelle Cendana, BSN, RN
    President, PNA Texas-Cameron County
    Address: 5522 Lovers Lane Brownsville, TX 78526


    Biennial Report 2010

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