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  • Greater Kansas City Chapter (PNAGKC) +


    Upholding the image and fostering the welfare of the Filipino nurse in the United States.

    Jessamine Endaya

    President, PNA Greater Kansas City Chapter
    Contact Email: jessamine.endaya@gmail.com


    http://www.pnagkc.org  Biennial Report 2010


  • Greater St. Louis Chapter (PNAGSL) +


    Mission Statement
    To provide an organization that will uphold the image and foster the welfare of Filipino-American nurses in The Greater St. Louis area.

    Cynthia Montejo

    President, PNA Greater St. Louis Chapter
    Contact Email: jetjet211@yahoo.com

    Jenjen Hazelbaker
    President-Elect, PNA Greater St. Louis Chapter
    Contact Email: jenjenB72@hotmail.com


    Biennial Report 2010



  • Illinois Chapter (PNAI) +


    Mission Statement:
    Uphold the positive image and foster the welfare of the Filipino-American nurses as a professional group.

    We will strive to unify Filipino –American nurses; promote professional growth and excellence, mutual support for its constituent members, and contribute to achievement of health and wellness through involvement with other professional organizations and community groups.

    Imelda Cuevo
    President, Illinois Chapter
    Contact Email:  imcuevo@gmail.com

    Alma Jaromahum
    President-Elect, Illinois Chapter
    Contact Email:  almajaroma@aol.com


    Executive Board

    • President - Imelda Cuevo
    • President Elect - Alma Jaromahum
    • Vice President - Bryan Ranchero
    • Secretary - Bessie Baldovino
    • Corresponding Secretary - Nieva Panes
    • Treasurer - Marilou Dangalan
    • Auditor - Felicitas Vincoy
    Board Members
    • Geraldine Gaden
    • Florence Palmaira
    • Paz Fortes
    • Merly Perricone
    • Lolita Ranchero
    • Tersita Viloria
    • Julie Mejia
    • Gemma Esmalla



  • Indiana Chapter (PNAIN) +


    To unify Filipino nurses, promote professional growth, provide health information and education and services to the community.

    Matilde S. Upano, MSN, RN, FNP-BC
    President, PNA Indiana Chapter
    Contact Email: msupano@yahoo.com

    Manelita Dayon
    President-Elect, PNA Indiana Chapter
    Contact Email: manelda@yahoo.com

    Chapter Website:
    http://www.pnaindiana.org/     2014 Report


  • Michigan Chapter (PNAM) +


    PNAM mission statement: PNAM is a professional nursing organization established to foster professional development, professional identity and mutual support for each member. As a professional nursing group, PNAM is committed to promoting the health of all people through its involvement with other professional and community groups.

    PNAM will uphold the positive image and welfare of its constituent members; promote professional excellence and contribute to the significant outcomes to healthcare and society.

    Remylin Bruder
    President, PNA Michigan Chapter
    Contact Email: remylinsb@gmail.com

    Chapter Website


    Biennial Report 2010


  • Ohio Chapter (PNAO) +


    • The purpose of the PNAO is to provide an organization that will uphold the image and foster the welfare of Filipino nurses as a professional group
    • Unify Filipino-American nurses in Ohio
    • Develop, implement and evaluate programs in nursing leadership, practice, education and research relevant to professional growth of its members and healthcare needs of the community
    • Facilitate professional and cultural adjustment of Filipino American nurses in Ohio through collaboration with agencies and organizations in the USA and Philippines 
    • Participate actively in professional and cultural activities with professional organizations and agencies in the community and globally
    • Review and act on legislation and public policies which directly and indirectly affect healthcare and nursing practices

    Erlinda Gonzales
    President, PNA Ohio Chapter
    Contact Email:

    Chapter Website:


    Biennial Report 2010

  • Central Ohio Chapter (PNACOh) +


    Ferlinda Powers, MSN/Ed, BSN,CCRN
    President, PNA Central Ohio Chapter
    Contact Email: ferlyp@yahoo.com

  •       Ohio Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Subchapter (PNAO Cin/Nky) +


    Abigail B. Villarroya MSN,RN
    President, PNAO Cin/NKY Subchapter
    Email: abbyvillarroya@yahoo.com

  • Wisconsin Chapter (PNAWI) +


    The goal of the PNA-WI shall be to provide an organization that uphold the image and foster the welfare of Filipino-American nurses in Wisconsin.

    Mary Gem Cubos
    President, PNA Wisconsin Chapter
    Contact Email: gemcbs@yahoo.com

    Maria Solomon-Yumang
    President-Elect, PNA Wisconson Chapter
    Contact Email: msyumang@yahoo.com

    Chapter Website:

    Biennial Report 2010
  • Northwest Indiana Chapter (PNA- NWIN) +


    Elena de Jesus
    President, PNA Northwest Indiana
    Contact Email: linch7654@hotmail.com

    Magdalena Carlay
    President-Elect, PNA Northwest Indiana
    Contact Email: mcarlay@yahoo.com

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