Eastern Region Chapters and Subchapters

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  • Connecticut Chapter +

    This page is under construction.
  • Delaware Valley Chapter +

    FOUNDED 1995

    Mission Statement

    Heidi R. Fernandez, BSN, RN
    President, PNA Delaware Valley
    Contact Email: hrfernandez59@hotmail.com
    Address: 130 Portsmouth Circle, Glen Mills, PA 19342

    Biennial Report 2010


  • Maryland Chapter +

    FOUNDED 2003

    The PNAMC is the premiere association for Filipino American nurses in Maryland.

    The mission of thePNAMC shall be to provide an organization that will uphold the image and foster the welfare of Filipino American nurses in the State of Maryland as a professional group.

    Respect,Diversity, Professionalism,Integration, Recognition, Growth, and Professional Development

    Fe Nieves-Khouw

    President, PNA Maryland Chapter
    Contact Email: fnieves@umm.edu

    Virginia Alinsao

    Contact Email: valinsao2006@verizon.net


  • Metro Washington DC Chapter +


    As the official professional organization of Filipino - American nurses in the Metropolitan, D.C., PNAMDC will uphold the positive image and welfare of its constituent members; promote professional excellence and contribute to significant outcomes to healthcare and society.

    Marissa Usman, RN, BSN
    President, PNA Metropolitan DC
    Contact Email: sanandmis2@cox.net

    Leonora Mendoza, RN, BSN, WCC
    Contact Email: norrad79@verizon.net


    Biennial Report 2010

  • New England Chapter +


    We strive to increase the visibility, viability and vitality of the organization by maximizing the potential and contribution of the officers and members of this organization.

    Leila Amarra
    President , PNA New England
    Contact Email: leilaamara@gmail.com

    Maria Eden Gianan, RN, MSN, CNS
    Contact Email: magianan@verizon.net, MariaEdenGianan@va.gov


    Biennial Report 2010

  • New Hampshire Chapter +


    Amelia Villaluz
    President, PNA New Hampshire Chapter
    Contact Email:akamex23@hotmail.com

    Michelle Apigo
    Contact Email: mitchiko18@yahoo.com


  • New Jersey Chapter +


    Uphold the image and foster the welfare of the Filipino-American nurses in the State of New Jersey as a professional group.

    Majuvy Sulse
    President, PNA New Jersey
    Contact Email: majuv77@hotmail.com

    Belle Villafuerte
    Contact Email: bellev115@gmail.com



    Biennial Report 2010

    •       Atlantic-Cape May Subchapter +


      President: Josephine Kikimen
      President Elect: Ma. Theresa Ongsuco
      Vice President: Grace Suner
      Secretary: Sylvia Neri
      Public Relations Officer: Maria Chita Florano

      Board of Directors

      • Alma McMichael
      • Aileen Posa
      • Ruth Tayao
      • Lowella Gonzales
      • Desiree Zolayvar
      • Advisory Board: Fe Eguarras
      • Rachel Baldomar
      • Bernadette Paolino
    •       Bergen County Subchapter +


      President: Grace Vickerie
      President Elect: Victoria Javier
      Vice President: Virginia Tan
      Secretary: Maritess Welch
      Assistant Secretary: Rowena Estrera-Portal
      Treasurer: Veronica Benitez
      Assistant Treasurer: Leonor Mariano
      Public Relations Officer: Amelia G. Parilla


      Board of Directors

      • Digna Desear
      • Teresita Dimaano
      • Lilybeth Hisona
      • Glenda Roasa
      • Ellen Sapida
      • Advisory Board: Cecilia Alvarez
      • Emelita Pierrel
      • Belle Villafuerte
      • Melvin Carillo
      • Elsa Aguila
      • Josephine Aparri
    •       Essex County Subchapter +


      President Elect: Guadalupe Bernardez-Hicks
      Vice President: Alissa Getts
      Secretary: Lizette Balin
      Treasurer: Dahlia Ferolino Panajon
      Public Relations Officer: Lalaine Genuino


      Board of Directors:

      • Rizza Biscocho
      • Kristine Adelante
      • Arlene Boja
      • Merlita Manzao
      • Soledad Dela Merced
      • Advisory Board: Madelyn Yu
      • Amelia Guzman
      • Rene Montero
      • Majuvy Sulse
      • Jay Antonio
    •       Gloucester County Subchapter +


      President: Theresa David
      President elect: Hazel Bambalan
      Vice President: *
      Secretary: Linda Garma
      Treasurer: Mark Rapata
      Public Relations Officer: *
      Advisory Board: Rhoda Redulla

      Board of Directors

      * Gloucester County Subchapter is in transition and in the process of electing a new slate of officers.
    •       Hudson County Subchapter +


      President: Isabelita Pitao
      President Elect: Senen Cabalfin
      Vice President: Lita Aguirre
      Secretary: Coleen Calera
      Corresponding Secretary: Rosana Vales
      Treasurer: Regina O’Donnell
      Assistant Treasurer: Rino Alcantara
      Public Relations Officer: Connie Meglioranza


      Board of Directors

      • Amelia Blanco
      • Evangeline Cagas
      • Venerando Gelicame
      • Alfredo Lucas
      • Arbie Reyes
      • Norma Robarro
      • Advisory Board:
      • Elenita Ajose
      • Fe Saquibal
      • Majuvy Sulse
    •      Middlesex County Subchapter +


      President: Myrna Young
      President Elect: Emma Lapena
      Vice President: Jessa Manlastas
      Secretary: Victoria Pangilinan
      Treasurer: Evelyn Cordilla
      Public Relations Officer: Glenna Tan
      Board of Directors Mildred Cruz
      Teresa Damito
      Mae Divinagracia
      Jay Layug
      Mary Grace Liwag
      Margie Ocariza
      Malou Toralba


      Advisory Board

      • Nini Jurado
      • Amelia Guzman
      • Madelyn Yu
      • Teresa de Vries
      • Jackie Baras
      • Adelle De Guzman
    •       Monmouth County Subchapter +


      President: Ruby Gallipani
      President Elect: Charlotte Qualls
      Vice President: Michelle Moradian
      Corresponding Secretary: Tina Connor
      Treasurer: Florence Armour
      Public Relations Officer: Rocel Besa


      Board of Directors

      • Marie Paz Basinang
      • Cynthia Bundac
      • Marissa Guzman
      • Nimfa Baya-Howard
      • Celi Del Rosario
      • Liz Vasquez


      Advisory Board

      • Tina Connor
      • Marietta Datar
      • Rebecca Graboso
      • Chat Conde
    •       Morris County Subchapter +


      President: Arlin Fidellaga
      President Elect: Ruth Alea
      Vice President: Dannette Marin
      Secretary: Ruth Atienza
      Assistant Secretary: Rachel Santos
      Treasurer: Jean Gloria
      Assistant Treasurer: Eliza Green
      Public Relations Officers: Charlie Pardo
      Desiree Besana


      Board of Directors

      • Remy Azares
      • Iona Radu
      • Marilou Carriedo

      Advisory Board

      • Lolit Navarro-Iqbal
      • Miles Dumapit
      • Charlotte Qualls
      • Norma A. Atienza
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  • New York Chapter +


    The Philippine Nurses Association of New York, Inc. will strive to promote the highest standards of professional nursing practice while advocating for the social , cultural and economic advancement of Filipino American nurses in the state of New York.

    Susan Gador
    President, PNA New York
    Contact Email: sgador05@yahoo.com

    Vernie Bacolor
    Contact Email: vbacolot@optonline.net



    Biennial Report 2010

  • North Carolina Chapter +


    To promote professional excellence in clinical nursing practice among its members and to support the acculturation of Filipino nurses and their families in North Carolina.

    Cristina Hendrix
    President, PNA North Carolina
    Contact Email: cristina.hendrix@duke.edu


    Fe Praiswater
    President-Elect, PNA North Carolina
    Contact Email: praiswaterf@bellsouth.net

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 91224
    Raleigh, NC 27675



    Biennial Report 2010

  • Pennsylvania Chapter +


    Mission Statement:
    As the official organization of Filipino-American Nurses in Pennsylvania, it will uphold and enhance the positive and professional image and welfare of its constituent members, promote professional excellence and contribute significant outcomes to healthcare and society

    Lindelyn Javier
    President, PNA Pennsylvania Chapter
    Contact Email: poggi93452@aol.com

    Nipa Imperal
    Contact Email: jenimperal@yahoo.com

    Biennial Report 2010

  • South Carolina Chapter +


    Our mission is to unify and increase the active participation of Filipino nurses in the State of South Carolina in order to support the vision, goals and objectives of PNA South Carolina.

    Betty Inigo
    President, PNA South Carolina
    Contact Email: inigo_beth@bellsouth.net

    115 Coral Reef Dr.
    Goose Creek,SC 29445


    Biennial Report 2010

  • Virginia Chapter +


    We, the Philippine Nurses Association of Virginia (PNAVA) believe that patients have the right to expect quality health care. As health care providers, we accept responsibility to provide such care by actively seeking opportunities for continued professional growth through education, research, and advance clinical practice.

    We believe that a Filipino-American nurse has unique cultural needs that must be met to ensure professional success in a diversified society while preserving cultural identity. We believe that as a member of the community and the nursing profession, we have the responsibility to be involved in activities that promote health and wellness through community education. We believe that as health care practitioners it is our duty to respond to legislative and public policies that have impact on the health care agenda.

    Bea Sazon
    President, PNA Virginia
    Contact Email: ohsazon@cox.net

    Justine Reyes Ford
    Contact Email: Justine.Ford.ctr@med.navy.mil


  • Virginia-Richmond Chapter +


    Purificacion Bonzon
    President, PNA Virginia-Richmond Chapter
    Contact Email:Purificacion.Bonzon@va.gov


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